Cadet Patrol Academy

Law Enforcement 

Every year the American Legion sponsors the Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy conducted at the Missouri State Highway Patrol Academy in Jefferson City. The program provides first-hand experiences and insight into the operations of law enforcement agencies. This program also affords these highly motivated young people an opportunity to consider law enforcement as a potential career choice. Recruitment of high school students, both male and female, representing all communities and backgrounds in the state, is one goal of the program.

Once these young people have been selected to attend the program, the law enforcement community is challenged to present a program that will instill an understanding and respect for law enforcement professionals and their techniques.

The one week course provided consists of a typical week of rigorous patrol recruit training. The week's activities will include; class room instruction in the history of law enforcement, defensive driving, radar, motor vehicle laws, first aid, shooting demonstrations, drug abuse, and use of alcohol, as well as demonstrations of police skills such as personal defense and weapons firing. Organized sports will be a part of the program as well as tours of the area as time permits.

Any individual completing the full five day program may be eligible for two scholarships given by the University of Central Missouri and possibly others.

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